Welcome to The Scented Space

We have been very selective in choosing products that are safe for your Bath, Body and Home. Our passion is to bring you products that are handcrafted, all natural, organic and created in small batches to ensure freshness and the highest quality. The ingredients in products we use every day contain chemicals that are harmful and toxic to the human body. You can rest assured that we have carefully selected our items with your health in mind. Browse our selection of natural and moisturizing bath and body products made with goat milk, olive oil, coconut, shea butter, essential oils and botanicals. Most candles today, are made with paraffin wax which releases carcinogens into the air when burned. Our candles are made with soy and coconut wax blends with 100% cotton or untreated cedar wood wicks and infused with essential oils to safely add ambiance to any room in your home or office. Our pure essential oils section includes certified organicoil blends and blends for children. The high-quality diffusers in our collection include evaporative reed diffusers, humidifying diffusers (uses water and a few drops of oil) and nebulizing diffusers (requires no heat and no water). We also have diffuser jewelry made with all-natural stones, so you can take your favorite essential oil on the go! Don't forget to take a look at our natural  laundry soap made with goats milk and all natural cleaners infused with essential oils. Whatever your passion, we are glad you are here and hope you will find what you are looking for.